Showing this Month: Things that go Flap in the Spring

Things that go Flap in the Spring (May 13th- June 30th) will feature three dimensional aerial sculptures by Woodstock, Virginia artist and self proclaimed "Saw Addict", Glenn Richardson. Glenn describes his work as "architectural elements from long closed theme parks that never existed" but I would add there is a reason why these fictional theme parks closed... much of his work looks like it would easily fit into the next Rob Zombie movie. If you don't know Glenn, you might very well imagine a maniacal clown chainsaw carving these creatures. Not that this is a bad thing, just know that Things that go Flap in the Spring will not be your typical spring art show for around these parts. Glenn has only leaked a couple of photos of the work in progress so I can't tell you what fully to expect but I can tell you to expect the unexpected and be ready to look up a lot. 

Join us May 13th from 6:30-9:00 for the Opening Reception and meet the artist! 

Glenn was recently featured at the H Street Festival in Washington, D.C. (courtesy of Gallery O on H Street), the ArtoMatic show in New Carrollton, Maryland, and at Love Burn 2016 in Virginia Key, Florida, where he carved portraits live with a chainsaw. He was also a third of Molly Rupert's “Coexist” show at The Mount Rainier Art Project Gallery in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. 

Glenn will be demonstrating and doing live chainsaw carved portraits at Amuse on May 21 in Old Town Winchester. This summer he will be at Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada. 


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