First Friday April - Mallory Jarrell

First Friday Opening Reception
Friday, April 6th | 6-8pm
That's What She Said Art
Mallory Jarrell

Mallory Jarrell obtained her art degree in composition and art history from Old Dominion University. As a student of art history, she always had a deep appreciation for the iconic classics, but as a smart ass, she had an even deeper appreciation for screwing with things. Never leaving well enough alone, she manipulates images from 50's era advertisements to old Renaissance masters, infusing rich history with today's moronic pop-culture. Tattoo culture, hair dye, or ridiculous hip hop lyrics overlayed atop Botticelli or Vermeer create a juxtaposition of classical old and mindless new that simply cracks Mallory up. When asked about her work in a recent interview, she replied "I'm #$%^ing hilarious." Mallory currently lives as a hot mess in her 1/3 acre chateau in Chesapeake, Virginia with her husband, dog-child Wheeler and cockatiel Sketch.

"Mallory Jarrell’s works are a combination of high art, 
humor, and often times, hard-core hip-hop. 
A quick perusal of Jarrell’s eye-catching artwork demonstrates 
a strong, tongue-in-cheek connection of the past with the present. 
But even more so, a common ground of pop culture."
- Hiconcept Magazine