Friedt Show - First Friday June with Karen Freidt

Opening Reception 
Friday, June 1st | 6-8pm

Mixed-media artist Karen Freidt joins us from Hampton Roads, VA. 

With a mother who is also a local artist and a father who is an engineer, Karen likes to experiment with all types of media, create regularly and question norms. 

Art finds a place in all dimensions of Karen’s life. She has found ways to apply her passion through creating fine art, authoring a book, speaking on creativity and innovation globally, creating new NASA innovative courses and programs while showing and selling her work in numerous galleries in Virginia and North Carolina. Freidt says “I spend every night creating art. It is both a stress reliever and a way to unconsciously solve problems while I’m in a sort of meditative state creating.”

She received a BFA from Longwood University, a Design Thinking Specialization Certificate from UVA, and attended NYC’s School of Visual Arts !MPACT Residency and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Her passion for bringing the arts into non-traditional fields has lead her to form collaborations between NASA and the more than 40 local businesses and the following universities: NYC Parson’s School of Design, Florida State University, William and Mary University, and Old Dominion University. Karen and her husband, Wade Mickley, were also featured in the PBS “The Scene” Series.

Karen works to inspire others to create whether it be a painting or an autonomous vehicle but she says “If I get a smile or a laugh from someone looking at my fine art that’s enough to keep me motivated.”

First Friday April - Mallory Jarrell

First Friday Opening Reception
Friday, April 6th | 6-8pm
That's What She Said Art
Mallory Jarrell

Mallory Jarrell obtained her art degree in composition and art history from Old Dominion University. As a student of art history, she always had a deep appreciation for the iconic classics, but as a smart ass, she had an even deeper appreciation for screwing with things. Never leaving well enough alone, she manipulates images from 50's era advertisements to old Renaissance masters, infusing rich history with today's moronic pop-culture. Tattoo culture, hair dye, or ridiculous hip hop lyrics overlayed atop Botticelli or Vermeer create a juxtaposition of classical old and mindless new that simply cracks Mallory up. When asked about her work in a recent interview, she replied "I'm #$%^ing hilarious." Mallory currently lives as a hot mess in her 1/3 acre chateau in Chesapeake, Virginia with her husband, dog-child Wheeler and cockatiel Sketch.

"Mallory Jarrell’s works are a combination of high art, 
humor, and often times, hard-core hip-hop. 
A quick perusal of Jarrell’s eye-catching artwork demonstrates 
a strong, tongue-in-cheek connection of the past with the present. 
But even more so, a common ground of pop culture."
- Hiconcept Magazine

Chocolate Escape

Immortal Mountain joins us once again for Old Town Winchester's Chocolate Escape event! 

Go on cacao journey, tasting a variety of Immortal Mountain's herb-crafted chocolate. Bars will be available for purchase as well - but only during the event! 

Goodbye 2017 - State of the Union Show

"Guhbye 2017" by Paul Zdepski

Join us this Friday for our first ever State of the Union show! "Goodbye 2017" features nine regional artists who we asked to submit their visual commentary on social and political issues, events, themes or topics of the past year.

Reception: Friday, January 19th • 5-7:30pm

Featuring works by: Christy Broy, Steena Fullmer-Anderson, Ashley Hoffman, Winslow McCagg, Jody Mussoff, Nancy Polo, Kerry Stavely, Neil Stavely, and Paul Zdepski.