Coming Soon Adam Disbrow: Portrait of Beauty

Charlottesville artist, Adam Disbrow joins us in May for Portrait of Beauty. 

In his home and abroad, Adam Martin Disbrow is emerging as an exceptional expressionist painter. His work has earned him representation from Alexander Salazar Fine Art in San Diego, California, and he is a resident artist at the Sperryville ARTist Cooperative in Sperryville, VA. His works have sold to collectors around the country.

Adam Disbrow’s works combine Abstract Expressionism, German Expressionism, Neo-Expressionism, and impressionism in a style he refers to as, “Major Expressionism.” He focuses on layers of objective conceptuality, pulling upon both history and culture for content. His works are made to sit on the stairway of Man’s history.

“The paintings are a commentary on the history of Man. They address current and ancient issues of religion, politics, and natural order. Freedom, entropy, and time are key concepts of my work. I use chaos to portray beauty. Each piece is designed to open and to provoke -- to create a conversation with the viewer. I do this by using many layers of objective conceptuality, contrasting colors, and free brush strokes. These techniques combined create form for the infinite possibilities of the mind, allowing each piece to speak differently to each person. When nothing is sacred and nothing is safe, art is brave.”

Portrait of Beauty will run May 1-31st
Opening Reception May 12th | 6:00-8:30