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Amy Morris, Sugar Mountain Pottery

Amber Leigh Fagan, Pixel Pearl Studio
I am an artist, photographer and designer who is currently owned by a Brussels Griffon named Frankie. I work in my little studio (which is painted bright orange) out of my house. I am a beach bum, day dreamer, reader and owner of way to many books, lover of dogs and fireflies and child at heart. I have always been a creative and artistic person but it wasn't until 2013 I finally found the courage to share my art.

Emily Uchytil - Artist

Monkeytown Pottery

Scott Carl Creations

Emerson Soaps

Prayer Monkey - Enamelware

Barbarah Robertson Pottery

Blackbird Letterpress

Frog & Toad Letterpress

Violet Press

Kennedy Prints!

Fern Candle

Cotton & Wax 

Stitch & Rivet - Leather Bags and Accessories

American Road Trip Pillows

Roosfoos - Metal

Iron Maid Metalworks

Cotton Forrest Designs 

Vicki Bahr, Trueheart
Virginia Pillows

Amanda Michael Harris, Painter/Bookmaker
Born in Memphis, TN. Attended Memphis College of Art. BFA in printmaking/papermaking. Spent several years flopping without direction. Moved to upstate NY, attended The College of St. Rose. Master of Science of Art Education. Honed my fine art and became more confident my low brow art also. I pull from the past. My past, the past of my unknown ancestors and create a future.

Jody Mussoff, Art and Ceramics

Neil and Kerry Stavely, Horse and Hare
Block Prints/Art, cards, apparel, and more.

Elizabeth Baldwin, Tigerflight (Washington DC)
Stuffed Animals made from repurposed sweaters and fabric.

Ali Thompson, Perch Shop
Combining my love for vintage found items and handmade rope knots was an obvious step for me. I love being able to hunt for the perfect vintage crate but also love being able to create a finished product all by hand. Incorporating both passions is a dream and that is how Perch was born!

Nathan Parten, Printmaker
Graduated from Memphis College of Art with a BFA in printmaking. Tattoo artist at Trilogy in Memphis, TN. Father of a strange little girl who drags me through an imaginary world of surreal landscapes and bizarre characters. Award winning pumpkin carver and really good at making unicorn shaped pancakes.

Mallory Jarrell, That's What She Said Art

Susan Foster - various hand sewn accessories; slippers, windbags, totes and more. 

Anna Tillett Illustration

Sea Heart City Press, letterpress cards

Maple & Belmont

Susan Rhodes, Artist at Hand - Pottery 

Open Eyes Press


Bird & Elephant

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