The Darks Art Show

I always love our October Halloween-themed shows but this year I'm really excited.  We have 20+ artists for this show from all over the US and one from the UK!  The Dark Arts Show opens October 1st with a reception from 6:30-9. Stop in - costume optional!

Christy Broy, Josh Williams, Sumner Crenshaw, Neil Stavely, Ann Small, Armand Cabrera, Darren F. Gideon, Lauren Fleming, Erich Ruth, Emily Violet Jones, Alice Morgan, Lacey Villandry, Gracie Bremer, Jimi Park, Liam Harrision, Dan Creary, Josh Ries, Erin Robinson, Mindy Sizemore, Sue Manley, Nikolas Swaner, Magnus Hoopes, Amy Shafran.... and there may be a couple more.

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