July Exhibit

Local artists Sabrina Barnett and Christy Broy share the walls this month!
In Indescribable Beings, Sabrina Barnett brings us visual recordings and objects from her explorations in a strange, matriarchal, world filled with ghosts, hairy creatures and weird plantlife.

Sabrina Barnett is an artist, writer, and self-proclaimed sparkle enthusiast from Winchester, VA. A graduate of Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia, with a degree in Creative Writing, she is still dreaming about life inside a Polly Pocket. Check out her blog, The Sparklearium, at: https://sabrinaelisebarnett.wordpress.com
Christy Broy is no stranger to pop culture. In her new collection of paintings, Character Bleed, she continues to examine her favorite characters from TV, film and literature. 
When Christy isn't painting or watching her latest obsession, she's working at her day job as a manager of a real estate office or hanging with her husband and two kids.